Stacie is now in her 5th week of slimming with The Slimming Clinic! Discover how she did in her blog update below!

I started off this week so pleased I had lost another 2lbs which means I am now back on track to reach my all important goal weight but it does mean I need to step it up slightly as I find this is when I can come to a halt if I don’t continue enough exercise.

I have been trying to eat earlier and eat smaller meals in the evenings and have found I am feeling much better because of it. It’s not always easy around my job but I am doing my best where I can. I suffer with indigestion a lot and always have done meaning I can be bloated if I eat a lot too quickly and eating earlier had stopped me from feeling like this at bed time so I can sleep easier so it’s benefitting me in lots of ways.

The only difficulty this week was my weekend away to Amsterdam with one of my best friends Kirsty. This is because although I am feeling a lot more motivated and am trying hard to make healthier choices it’s not easy to do when you have had something planned for so long and the thing you love the most about the destination is the food!

At the airport I would always indulge in a nice big breakfast before going on holiday and buy sweets and snacks for the flight. This time I took a cereal bar in my bag and had a bottle of water. I just bought some sugar free mints for the plane instead of sweets. When we arrived in Amsterdam we went out for some lunch. It wasn’t a three-course meal, we just had chicken and chips. No, chips aren’t the best choice but it was a restaurant we really wanted to go to especially for that particular type of potato! We then had a relaxing afternoon at a spa before our evening out. We ended up not having any other food apart from some nuts, as snack so didn’t feel too guilty. I didn’t take my pills whilst away as I wanted to have some alcoholic drinks which I haven’t had since starting the plan. We had a couple of cocktails and it was a fun evening full of dancing, which I think, counts as cardio! The next day we skipped the giant buffet breakfast and opted for a traditional bakery instead meaning we ate far less! We did have a slice of pizza for lunch but again this was much less than I would usually eat and our step count showed that we had walked almost 23km during our two days away!

I am hoping that the fact we walked so much outweighs the unhealthy food and drink we consumed meaning I won’t have put on any pounds but still got to enjoy my weekend away. I know my body can put on weight easily so I would be happy to have stayed the same weight as last week but to have lost something would be amazing.

I made sure I had a healthy Monday back at work and on Tuesday I stepped onto the scales and to my delight I had lost half a pound. It’s not much but it’s still a loss and considering the weekends indulging I’m very pleased! I don’t have any plans that should get in the way of my diet now for a while so I am still determined to reach my target.

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