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Do you lose weight but then find it hard to keep off? Or have you struggled with your weight for a while? What approach is best for a steady weight loss, sustainable for life?

The Slimming Clinic believes that weight loss isn’t just as simple as ‘eating less and moving more’ for a short time to lose the weight.

We believe that losing weight and being able to sustain it once you’ve lost it, deserves a holistic, personalised approach which includes reviewing not just your diet, but your general health, lifestyle and mindset too.

The Slimming Clinic offer tailored weight loss programmes, built around you, with support specific to you delivered by experts in the field of weight loss.

We’re taking a look at the experts we have in clinic and why we think a holistic approach to weight loss is the best way to drop the lbs and keep them off for good!


Why do you meet a Doctor?

The first expert you will meet at any Slimming Clinic is our Doctor. The Doctor consultation is really important as it gives you a chance to discuss your current health and weight, and the reasons and goals you have for weight loss.

The Doctor can perform some basic medical checks on you such as height, weight, BMI and measure your body fat % and body water % as well as waist circumference, to give you an overview of your current health.

Based on the discussions you have with the Doctor, you will work out the best weight loss programme for you with The Slimming Clinic and how that can help you lose and sustain the weight for good.

The programme may or may not include appetite suppressants that have to be prescribed by the Doctor at each weekly appointment, after a catch up and assessment of your progress.

Monitoring your overall health is crucial to your weight loss and the Doctor will be able to keep a good track of how many inches you are losing, % body fat lost as well as making sure the prescription medication is still acting effectively for you.


Why do you meet a Dietitian?

This one seems self-explanatory really, doesn’t it? But appointments with the Dietitian at The Slimming Clinic are more than just giving you a food plan for the week.

Talking to a Dietitian can identify any negative eating habits you didn’t know you had. For example, think about if you’ve had a good few days on a diet plan, do you ‘reward’ yourself with a treat?

Your Dietitian can talk to you about why you don’t need to reward yourself, as our food plans are not about deprivation or elimination of foods, simply everything in moderation.

By depriving yourself totally, it makes it really hard to sustain in the long run. We look to find a healthy, balanced diet that means you can keep up your new lifestyle, long after you’ve reached your weight loss targets!

Your meetings with the Dietitian are a great place to discuss your eating habits and how you can realistically adjust your diet to help you make small, effective changes to help improve your health and weight.


Why do you meet a Movement Coach?

A big part of any weight loss journey is to incorporate some movement and activity into your lifestyle.

When it comes to movement, our Movement Coaches will work with you based on your current activity levels and abilities and give you recommendations for how much you should be moving during the week.

Lots of people can feel nervous about introducing movement into their lifestyles, especially if it’s not something that you’ve done a lot of, or don’t feel comes naturally to you. However, physical activity doesn’t necessarily mean strenuous exercise. It could be a simple as taking a 30-minute walk on your lunch break, or a series of gentle movements throughout the day to promote blood flow, improve mood and stimulate digestion.

Meeting with the Movement Coach is a great way to determine what kind of physical activity is best for you, and how to easily fit it into your life – no matter how busy it can be!


Why do you meet a Mind Coach?

For a lot of people, emotions have a huge impact on their weight. How many of us eat when we feel low? Or treat ourselves to a takeaway a few times a week when we feel drained and don’t want to cook? Or have a (or a few!) alcoholic drinks to celebrate occasions?

All of these food and drink related instances are dictated to us by our moods – not our need for nourishment.

At The Slimming Clinic, we put you in touch with a Mind Coach who will talk to you about your relationship with food and why you might eat more when your mood changes and how we can look to change those habits with emotional support.

Working to help you gain control of the emotions that cause you to put on weight in the first place, the Mind Coach will give you great coping mechanisms that should stop you reaching for food as a comforter!


Why do you need a diet diary?

A really effective way of reducing your weight is to monitor what you eat in a food diary. Writing down everything you eat and drink as well as noting down fluid intake and exercise means you can have more control over your diet.

It helps to identify the foods and drinks – good and not so – that you consume on a regular basis that may be affecting your health and well-being.

Bringing it to your appointments at The Slimming Clinic also means that our experts can work with you to see if there are amendments you can make to your diet and exercise regime between your appointments.


The Slimming Clinic want to see you succeed on your weight loss journey and believe that excess weight can be a side effect of either an emotional or physical cause.

With our experts, we want to get to the root of your weight gain causes and see how we can tackle them with you, with a weight loss programme designed around only you.

Approaching weight loss in a holistic manner with medical experts, supplements, diet, exercise, mind coaching alongside sustainable lifestyle changes, we can ensure that your weight loss journey is not only healthy and well monitored, but sustainable too.

All of these elements working in unison really do give you the best chance to lose weight and are available with both our Quick Start 7-day and Transform programmes.

Find out more about our programmes here: Weight Loss Programmes

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