Most people consider hitting the gym or engaging in some form of cardio exercise as the ideal weight loss regime. However, studies show that swimming can help you shed extra pounds and tone muscle simultaneously.

Exercises that work best for us are ones that a) fit into our lifestyle, and b) can be enjoyed.  A regime that taxes you mentally rather than physically is never your best bet when it comes to toning up or dropping extra pounds. Swimming for weight loss is fun, physically challenging and can be great for those of you with an injury.

Why Swimming Works

Weight loss is best achieved by leading a healthy lifestyle. This involves increasing your activity level and reducing your calorie intake. Swimming helps you increase your activity level, build muscle mass, and also burn calories which will eventually slim you down.

More Calories Burned

Swimming is usually overlooked as a method of exercise and more widely considered a leisure activity. However, research shows that it is much more beneficial than most high impact exercises. For instance, 30 minutes of breaststroke will burn 367 calories whereas 30 minutes of cycling will burn 240 calories. On the other hand, 30 minutes of running burns 300 calories.

To track your progress, use an exercise tracker to make sure you are attaining your weekly targets.

Lean Muscle

Just like weight lifting, swimming is a resistance exercise. It works different muscles without putting extra pressure on your joints. That means you can swim every day without risking injury or damage to joints. You will not only shed weight but also gain lean muscle.

Best Swimming Strokes for Beginners

The butterfly stroke burns the highest number of calories. However, it requires more skill, and you may need a swim instructor for that. On the other hand, the free stroke does not burn as many calories but is perfect for beginners. It is easy to hack as well as enjoyable, helping you swim for longer.

Most gyms or leisure clubs also offer swimming facilities and most will run classes such as aqua aerobics. If you feel you are ready and want something more challenging and structured, there are options available.

Pro Tip

Swimming tends to increase your appetite. The amount of energy used up can leave you with a raging donut craving, and swimming pool vending machines don’t help. Be careful not to overeat after your workout. It’s best if you use a calorie counter to help you keep track of your calories and always carry healthy snacks.

Bottom Line

Swimming is a simple and effective weight loss technique that can be enjoyed by most people. It is easy to begin, with multiple skill levels to achieve, and will help you slim down and tone up. You can also combine it with our exclusive medically assisted weight loss products to maximise success. Book an appointment today by phoning 0800 917 9334 or filling out this for a free consultation with a qualified and experienced doctor.


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