The colder and wetter it gets, the more we want to stay inside, wrap up and find comfort and enjoyment in eating, after all you may think you have until next summer when your diet really matters.  But just imagine how incredible it would be to look and feel great at all of those Christmas and New Year parties. Rather than covering up this winter and welcoming January with another half a stone of weight, sticking to your diet and exercise regime could allow you to not only fit into the super stylish winter clothes available but also feel like you deserve that Christmas dinner as a treat for your hard work.  Only 8% of people stick to their resolutions by the end of the year.  Use our five motivational tips on how to maintain your diet and exercise regimes. Be one of that 8% and feel fabulous this winter!

1. Keep a food diary

A food diary allows you to keep track of everything that you put into your mouth. Doing this will make you more aware of all of those extra little snacks that you were consuming and wondering why you weren’t losing anymore weight.  The feeling of achievement whilst reflecting on your daily consumption from one day could help motivate you to do the same on other days to gain that same sense of accomplishment.  Furthermore, if you have a diary buddy and you share your intakes of the day, writing down four chocolate bars is so much more embarrassing than just one; this could help stop you reaching for any more.  You could also set up a blog to keep track of your progress and your consumption; if others are reading it then there’ll be more pressure on you to stick at your diet and exercise regime.

2. Get an exercise or diet buddy

Whilst exercising with friends, it has been shown that you push yourself harder so you’ll benefit more from working out with others; you’re also more likely to stay committed if someone else is relying on you.  It can also be a lot more fun working out with a friend. So swap an after work drink with friends to a dance class or voga class (a yoga class with an 80s twist) and see it as a weekly social event.  Also, encourage your family members, partners and friends to join in with your healthy diet – that way you won’t be tempted by their food. After all who doesn’t benefit from a healthy eating diet?

3. Compare yourself to YOU

Comparing yourself to others is natural but sometimes unhealthy. Looking at ourselves is a better way to stay positive and thus keep motivated.  Look back through old photos before you started your diet and notice any differences however small between now and then. This should highlight how you’ve already progressed which can encourage further development.  You could also try on old clothes that are now too big which can emphasize that your hard work is paying off.  On the other hand, if you’re just starting your diet, why not dig out photos of yourself when you were proud of your body – you’ve done it before so you CAN do it again!

4. Reward yourself 

A diet can be pretty tough both physically and mentally, so you deserve to reward yourself for all of your hard work.  Plan certain target weights, for example every half a stone, and when you attain these reward yourself with little treats such as a relaxing bubble bath, a new pair of jeans, getting your nails done or your favourite magazine (just no food related rewards!).  Remember, even one pound is a great achievement!  This positive reinforcement offers great incentives for your hard work, which can aid your determination to succeed.  Similar to the reward system you could use a punishment system – each time you miss a workout or every time you binge on something bad, put some money in your partners or friends drink fund.  You won’t want to do that too often!

5. Sign up to a race

There are so many races around the UK and they are all for a great cause, however long or short – each one is an achievement!  Why not sign up to one today?  It’s such a great experience and will provide you with a real focus. Seeing your hard work physically pay off will be so rewarding and motivating.  Plus it will give you an actual deadline so no “I’ll do it tomorrow excuses” are allowed.  Have a look here for the races available to join up to:


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