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Winter can be a tough time especially if you are trying to stay lean. The long nights and gloomy weather tempt you to stay indoors and slip into winter depression. It becomes hard to stay active, and for some reason, your appetite tends to increase. Low energy levels also make it hard to stay motivated enough to stick to your weight loss regime. Statistics show that only 8% of people stick to their resolutions by the end of the year.

If you are wondering how to fight winter blues, check out these five motivational tips.

  1. Keep a Food Diary

A food diary allows you to keep track of everything that you put into your mouth. Healthy eating dictates that you balance your macros such that for every meal, 1/3 of your plate is carbohydrates, 1/3 is fruits and vegetables, and the other 1/3 is proteins. Having a food diary makes it easier to stick to healthy eating habits.

A diary buddy can also help make the journey easier. Sharing with a friend will prompt you to be more disciplined. Every bite has to be accounted for and should be well within the 1/3 rule. You could even go an extra mile and include a calorie counter to help you track your calorie consumption.

Setting up a blog to track your progress will also help you increase accountability. Your readers become your motivation, and you don’t want to disappoint them by overindulging.

  1. Get an Exercise or Diet Buddy

Having an exercise or diet buddy is more exciting than doing it all alone. The trick is to find someone who has comparable goals so that you can start the journey together.

Studies show that working out with a friend makes you push yourself harder. It becomes a competition, and this will work to your benefit. Consider using an exercise tracker to log your daily exercise routine. Instead of an after-work drink with friends, join a dance or yoga class. Before you know it, winter will have come and gone, leaving you feeling good about yourself.

  1. Compare Yourself to YOU

Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique. Comparing yourself to others is natural but sometimes unhealthy. Instead, find motivation by looking back and appreciating how far you have come. Dig out old photos and see the difference. Even something as small as an improvement in BMI is an achievement.

Go through your wardrobe and try out that new pair of jeans you bought in summer. If it is a tad too big one month into winter, then you are headed in the right direction. If your scale is still at the same place, then at least you have not piled up on more unwanted pounds.

  1. Reward Yourself

Weight loss can be pretty tough both physically and mentally, and you deserve to reward yourself for all of your hard work. However, to be on the safe side, choose non-food rewards. You have worked hard to reach where you are, you deserve a treat!

Set small achievable milestones and celebrate when you achieve them. The reward could be something as simple as a relaxing bubble bath or checking in for a much-needed massage. You could also opt for new workout gear to keep the positive vibe going.

  1. Sign Up to A Race

There are so many races around the UK which can help you stay focused. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from being part of something good. If you are wondering where to start, check out these winter races.  They have a registration deadline, so hurry along and register.

Bottom Line

The gloomy winter weather can easily tempt you to remain indoors and have a little too much to eat. Take advantage of the activities mentioned to be up and moving. If you need a little extra motivation to kick start your journey, The Slimming Clinic can help. Book an appointment today by phoning 08009179334 or filling out this for a free consultation with a qualified and experienced doctor.