Don’t let Christmas Day and all of it’s festive excitement interrupt your weight loss journey. You can still enjoy this special day filled with family fun whilst maintaining a balance between healthy and enjoyment. See our top tips to feel tip top this Christmas:

  • Healthy breakfast = Ensure you eat a healthy breakfast that keeps you full until your Christmas lunch so there’s no room for snacking on mince pies. Porridge is a fab option; it stabilizes blood sugar levels plus add some probiotic yogurt for an immunity boost.
  • Keep hydrated = make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Keeping hydrated can help prevent any headaches or dehydration that over-consumption of alcohol may induce.
  • Healthy starter = opt for a healthy starter so not to over indulge on that three course meal. A healthy vegetable soup, melon or smoked salmon offers light but healthy options.
  • Fill up on vegetables = Christmas dinners are usually packed with different types of veggies, so embrace this and reap the benefits of having your 5 a day.
  • Turkey breast = the breast is the most lean part of meat on a turkey, decline the skin and opt for breast and enjoy your healthy but delicious dinner.
  • Limit the alcohol = it’s Christmas day…we don’t want to completely discourage you from any alcohol, however just alternate your drinks between soft and alcoholic, and dilute your wine and spirits with ice and mineral water and you’ll be thanking us on Boxing morning.
  • Exercise = on Christmas day you say!? We don’t mean the gym or a spinning class….walking is still a great form of exercise and a lovely activity to enjoy with the family to help burn off the Christmas dinner. Even a boogie to ‘Santa Baby’ can get your blood pumping.
  • Boxing day breakfast = eggs. Eggs are the best for the day after the night before because they provide choline, a nutrient that supports the liver, so make an omelette and put all of your favourite veg in which will all contribute to the nutrients that you body may be craving on this delicate morning.

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