This week, slimmer Stacie has shared with us the beginning of her weight loss journey! Join us in future weeks to see how she got on!

Week 1

My name is Stacie and I am a 29 year old wanting to lose a stone and a half before my holiday in 11 weeks time. I a few times last year for some help with losing weight for my wedding and managed to lose 2 stone so I am so glad I went! After dieting for so long I decided to enjoy the first few months of married life with an all inclusive honeymoon, movie nights full of snacks, romantic dinners out and no boring gym sessions! I have now been married for almost 6 months and after over indulging for most of this time decided to step on the scales to find I had put on almost a stone in weight. That’s when I made the decision to go back to The Slimming Clinic to help with not only getting back down to my wedding day weight but to try and reach an even lower goal!

I for one of the free health check ups that they were offering. It was very convenient for me as they stay open until 7pm so I was able to go after work. When I arrived they were ready and waiting for me and the doctor called me straight through. I had measurements taken of my waist and hips, my weight was recorded, I had a glucose test and my blood pressure was checked as well as a few other things all to check how healthy I currently am. This was then all marked onto a sheet to show clearly and easily whether I was in the normal or overweight categories. I thought this was great as it meant I knew which areas needed more work and I was informed of what health implications there could be when in the red areas.

During the first few days of having the weight loss medication I was given I found that I was feeling a lot thirstier than normal but this meant I was drinking double the amount of water, which I thought must be a good thing (apart from needing the toilet so much!) I also found that I would be wide awake at night for a few days whereas I am normally falling asleep at 10pm. I have been staying up later but still getting up at my usual time for work so it seems I don’t need to have as much sleep anymore.

I wanted to be as healthy as possible in my first week and even re joined the gym however I had a couple of events that I also wanted to enjoy. It was Valentine’s day and my first one as a wife so we were going to enjoy a 3 course meal at a restaurant but I made the decision to cook a nice meal at home and had a low calorie dessert instead and it was still just as nice. It was also my Nan’s 90th birthday afternoon tea so I celebrated with her by having cake and some treats especially as my sister had baked everything herself so it would have been rude to say no and I love cake!!

I have now had my first weekly weigh in and to my amazement I lost 4.4lbs! I couldn’t believe that even after having cake and treats I still managed to lose weight. I know from my previous experiences that you can lose more weight at the start however this was better than I expected and has really given me the motivation to begin week two!

Week 2

I started this week on a high after losing over 4 lbs in my first week and was starting to wonder if my goal weight was too easy but then I realised I shouldn’t get ahead of myself as it can get harder and you don’t always lose so much every week.

The main reason I find it hard to lose weight and so easy to put it on again is due to my will power as I love food so much and tend to eat things just because I am bored or because it is there for me to have. I am finding with the slimming pills that it definitely helps to make you stronger.

I work in a hotel where there are always leftover breakfast buffet items, afternoon tea’s and biscuits floating around so it can be hard to say no when other people are enjoying it in front of you. Most weeks you find it is someone’s birthday, which means cake, and as I said last week I love cake! So this time when the cake was presented I wasn’t even tempted and that can only mean 1 of two things. Either I am unwell or these really are appetite suppressants and I am happy to report that I am feeling great so it must be the second option.

I mentioned in my first week that I was noticing I was drinking a lot more than normal. I am still drinking a lot of water but it just feels normal now. We have actually made water charts at work where we tick off how many pints we have each day so we don’t forget to keep ourselves hydrated as sometimes we are so busy we forget to drink. I also work at the computer 8 hours a day which often causes headaches but I have found that I haven’t had a headache at all this week so that may be due to being more hydrated.

It was my Dad’s birthday this week so my only cheat day was when going out for a meal with all of my family. Sometimes you just can’t avoid meals out but what I am trying to work on is making healthier choices, which I don’t find easy. I did have more food than I probably should have but I didn’t have the large dessert I would always order! I think sometimes you have to remember that as long as you have a positive week and you aren’t eating as much as before you are likely to still see results even when having a slight slip up or something more indulgent. I have found that if I deprive myself of everything I like that is deemed unhealthy I am more likely to binge whereas if I have a small piece of something every now and again it feels like a treat and I can continue being good most of the time.

So on my second weigh in I was a little unsure if I would have lost any weight due to having meals out but I was surprised to find I still managed to lose 1.4 lbs. This is less than I would have liked for only week two but after doing so well in week one and the fact I had two meals out for my Dad’s birthday I am just glad I am still seeing my weight decrease. Here’s to a great week 3.



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