This month’s slimming superstar is Michael

Total Weight Loss: 4 stone 9 pounds

“My weight has gone up and down several times over the years. I’ve always been a bit over weight but I’ve been obese at least twice in the past. I used to feel short of energy so often in my free time, my confidence in both my personal and work life was completely shot to pieces and at the weekends when I should have been going out, making the most of the beautiful surrounding area, socialising with friends or relaxing with family, all I wanted was to stay in bed or sit in front of the TV. This slowly but surely was leading to boredom and border line depression. There just seemed to be some many reasons to just do nothing. Chief amongst them though was after a hard and stressful week at work why shouldn’t I be able to “relax”.

“I think I managed to really take action before my weight became to much of a problem to my overall health, however lethargy had started to lead me towards breathing problems, pain when walking , joint pains , physical exertion normally ended in pulled muscles and I seemed to be much more susceptible to cold and illness during down time. Eventually one day it hit me, I’ve had enough of this I want to see things and experience more than just work, there has to be more to life. Everyone at The Slimming Clinic has proved invaluable. I thought the medication was the The Slimming Clinic answer but it proved to only be a small part of what they offered. The most important aspect was the service they provide, where they give a less biased 3rd party point of view, consider general body condition and give guidance on healthy eating. I found the key was to never question there advice, it’s a simple exchange. If you ask a question, the qualified staff who have helped hundreds, will always give you a straight answer so that you can then accept it and work with it. The trouble is you may think you have a friends & family support system who know enough to help but the problem is there not qualified to educate you, and even with good intent there motives or reasoning can often be flawed, which can lead you down a path that could take months to rectify.”

“Since losing weight with The Slimming Clinic my confidence has gone through the roof and I see people, see it in me. I’m more active, my moods are stable, I inspire others, and generally I make more of my time. With the guidance I have taken from the The Slimming Clinic I find it easy to maintain my weight its simply a case of keeping the discipline to always return to a base line of good choices, healthy eating and regular activity. I was referred to The Slimming Clinic by a friend and his partner who have both seen viable and realistic results. At one point I weighed just under 19 stone I currently weigh 12.4 stone. I’ve never really seen my dieting program as boring. There’s always been plenty of food options and I look at it as a long term project and commitment.”

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