This month’s slimming superstar is Sean

Total Weight Loss: 3 stone 3 pounds

“I was trying to lose the weight I had gained after having an accident which meant I needed 2 operations leaving me unable to walk for several months. Once I had regained my mobility, The weight I had gained made it impossible to exercise because the excess weight was causing pain to my ankle and knee. I have never been overweight throughout my life; always living a healthy active life attending the gym. I wanted to lose weight as I was struggling to do daily activities and I was told “the weight you are at 50, you are for life.” For my 50th I started my weight loss journey. I was trying to lose the weight but was struggling to put pressure on my legs so was ordering takeaways instead of having to stand and cook dinner for the family. My main downfall was the convenience of just being able to get something quick and something the whole family would eat which often led to it being unhealthy.”

“My daughter was already a member of the clinic so once I started to see her results I knew I needed to do something to lose the weight. I have found it easy to stick to it and I enjoy eating fresh healthy food. I looked forward to going to my appointment just to find out how I had done. The staff are helpful always giving me tips, new ideas and encouragement to reach my goal. After losing about 4 stone I have a new lease life being able to go out with my daughters and grandchildren. My knee and ankle are benefiting so much now there isn’t so much weight pushing down on them. After seeing the results I don’t see myself going backwards. I don’t enjoy unhealthy food anymore, sometimes I order my daughter a Chinese and cook my own as I prefer fresh healthy food and can’t believe I used to eat takeaways so much!
I recommend this to everyone as I have tried a few diets in the past and every time nothing has come from it. My daughter has done it for 5 months longer than me and she hasn’t put on weight whilst stopping and starting. I can say that joining the clinic was the best thing I could have done for my own health. I am a lot happier and healthier now.”

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