This month’s slimming superstar is Rebecca Robinson’s story who lost 5 stone with The Slimming Clinic and is looking amazing!

She says she has always struggled with her weight in the past, however, her main problem started in 2011 when she married, she became content and my weight ballooned! “I had no energy, I didn’t have the confidence to socialise due to my size and I became so overweight that I developed health issues.
In December 2015, I realised just how unhealthy my lifestyle had become and decided to make a change”.

“Within my 1st week at The Slimming Clinic I knew this was the programme for me. For once the weight was coming off consistently each week, which felt great! The hardest part for me throughout any diet is having to cut out luxuries like chocolate. The great thing about The Slimming Clinic is I could still have these luxuries, when needed, and not pay for it on the scales the following week”.

“Since joining The Slimming Clinic I’ve become more aware of what I eat and how to control my portion sizes. I also make sure I log everything I eat on a day to day basis which, I feel, is an important part of maintaining my weight loss.
Now that I’ve lost the weight I have more energy, more confidence, a better social life and my previous health issues have disappeared! Throughout my weight loss I developed a love for running, progressing through a 15 week 0 – 10k running programme. Within 10 months of joining The Slimming Clinic I had lost 4 stone and had entered into my first 10k charity running competition”.

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