Amy Beaumont’s story

This month’s slimming superstar is Amy Beaumont who lost 3 stone 6lbs with The Slimming Clinic and looks amazing!

After years of struggling with her weight and not feeling 100% confident in herself Amy thought enough was enough. “I’ve struggled with my weight since my teenage years. I was always looking at my friends who had typical ‘perfect’ teenager figures and felt ashamed of mine. I find that I am an emotional eater so the more I compared myself to others, or if I was upset, angry or ashamed of my body, the more I would eat! The weight had crept on over the years, however, it was only after the birth of my son, when I had gained four stone.”

Amy was convinced to join The Slimming Clinic after her mum had joined the clinic and was amazed with her results after just one week. “My mum has struggled with her weight most of her adult life. She joined The Slimming Clinic and after attending for just one week I saw an amazing change in her. I decided enough was enough and that it was time to stop making excuses, to stop feeling ashamed about myself and do something about it!”

Amy says some benefits from joining The Slimming Clinic and losing weight is that her confidence and her self esteem are the highest they’ve ever been. She says she can walk into a shop see a dress that she likes and just buy it – she no longer has to worry about her lumps and bumps and how she’d look, which for a 24 year old woman there’s honestly no better feeling!
“The most important factor for me when losing weight was to not give up! I attended The Slimming Clinic every week even if I knew I had been a bit naughty and had indulged. The Slimming Clinic have been fab. The staff at the Middlesbrough branch I attend have given me so much encouragement and advice and I am so grateful to them for being there for me through my weight loss journey. I’ve found losing weight with the help of The Slimming Clinic relatively easy, considering the many years of struggles.”

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Amy Beaumont

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