Name: Ryan Herridge

Date Started with The Slimming Clinic: 07/01/2021

Starting weight: 27st 6lbs

Target Weight: 17st

Time on Programme: 1 Month

Current Weight Loss: 1st 5lbs


We hope that you have read Ryan’s first blog post for us, where he explained his inspiring reasons for beginning a weight loss journey with The Slimming Clinic.


Here, we catch up with Ryan after one month on his i-Change Elite weight loss programme and find out how he is getting on – and spoiler – he’s lost a whopping 1stone 5lbs in the 5 weeks since we last spoke to him!


Hear what changes Ryan has made that has enabled him to lose such an incredible amount of weight, the emotional and physical benefits he is already seeing in himself and how this is just the start for him!


What has been the best thing about your i-Change programme so far?

I would say one of the best things I’ve experienced is just the whole effect the medication has had on my day-to-day food planning.

I’ve been able to not only plan out my meals and eat better due to not craving snacks and crisps, but also my water intake is 100% higher than it was before.

I feel like I have more energy in the mornings and having a breakfast plan with my medication being taken afterwards has helped me to build a routine around work whilst adding fitness and food into the mix.

Something I don’t think many would realise is the mental improvements that losing weight gives you too.

I just feel emotional improvements – I’m more alert and it’s just fantastic for your mental health to see the work you put in leading to progress.

I would say that this is the best thing about the programme so far! I just feel like a better version of me and that is just going to keep going from strength to strength as I progress.


What changes have you made to your lifestyle?

I’ve completely switched my diet around!

Whereas before I was indulging in snacks and takeaways without really a second thought towards my calorific intake, I’ve now built a routine around meals and this, alongside the appetite suppressants, has allowed me to cook and eat better healthier meals.

With the boost in energy I’m experiencing I’ve found myself actively wanting to do more, be it as simple was being more active with household chores around the house to hopping on the exercise bike and getting a few kilometres in.

I hope in the long run that this leads me to getting back to the gym and jumping back into weight training and powerlifting and this feels like the right start towards igniting that passion again.

I’m also drinking 2-3 litres of water every day, and I’m simply not seen now without my large drinking container to chug throughout the day.

I will say the medication can and does leave me with a slight dry mouth but if anything, that’s actually worked to my favour of making me drink more than I otherwise would have.

Due to this I’ve even chopped out the majority of fizzy drinks I used to have. With The Slimming Clinic teaching everything in moderation, sometimes I’ll have a fizzy drink as a ‘treat’ but other days I just don’t feel the need to.

My great addiction before was to a daily Monster Energy drink but thanks to the medication and the changes it has allowed, I’ve actually not had or wanted once since my plan begun. Something as simple as that has just had a massive positive effect on my health and mindset.



What is the best piece of advice/tip you have received so far?

The best advice I’ve had to this point would be to measure yourself realistically.

As a quite large man with experience prior to this losing weight, I knew I would lose a big chunk of weight quickly before it slowed to an appropriate pace.

My first week I actually lost 7lbs and since then it’s slowed to around 2-4lbs a week depending on my exercise level and what I can fit in around my work schedule.

You cannot expect to lose it incredibly fast and you will have an off day or even a day when you look at the scales and it’s not the progress you want it to be.




Don’t be put off and stay strong, these things will happen, weight will fluctuate and ultimately, if you’re consistent, you’ll get the weight loss you want.

You’re human, you will make errors and that is okay. Just keep learning and keep pushing. It’s all progress.


Are you noticing any changes to your lifestyle/mood/activity levels?

I’ve noticed massive improvements to all aspects of myself.

My lifestyle has a better routine and I’m no longer just drifting through the day picking at whatever snacks and convenience foods I can grab, I can actually stick to my breakfast everyday with my medication and keep on track until my next meal.

My mood is significantly better, I don’t feel as bloated or agitated in the mornings and nights and I’m even sleeping better which has completely changed my demeanour around the house and even when working I’m seeing improvements to my social skills and productivity.

I’m much more active as well, I have more energy to use around the house doing chores and DIY, and I feel like the fire instead of me, the spark I felt when I began powerlifting, it starting to come back.

I’m on the exercise bike more, going on walks with my partner and generally just getting much more activity in. I want to lose a bit more first to build myself up and then in spring get myself back to weight training.


What are your aims for month #2 on i-Change?

My final goal is to hit 17 stone, which is a very far-off goal but not an impossible one by any means. So I’m going to work at hitting smaller goals month to month instead.

For month #2, I wanted to get under 26st but I’ve almost actually reached that goal! So instead, I want to see if I can get to 25st and 7lbs, which is roughly the lowest I got to last year when I tried to lose weight by myself.

I eventually broke and went back to my old ways of takeaway and snacks so this time, any weight lower than this presents real progress to me as it’ll be the lightest I’ve been in years, and from there I’ll really feel like every extra pound I lose is another pound lighter I’ll be than when I last stopped.



Join us again next month for the next stage of Ryan’s weight loss journey on i-Change Elite when we will find out what a typical day of eating looks for him, what diet and lifestyle changes he has made during the month to enable his fantastic weight loss and just how much more he has lost!

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