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Fitness Classes – what do you want to target?

Some people have heaps of self-motivation to go to the gym regularly and work out on their own. Others enjoy being taught exercises whilst being in a social environment. Fitness classes are a fun way of exercising and actually reserving your space at the class acts as...

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Get Out of the Gym and Into the Sun!

Put down the weights, jump off the treadmill and dismount the exercycle! The weather is looking absolutely gorgeous right now and there are lots of ways you can get yourself out there to make the most of it whilst still getting your daily dose of exercise. Here’s a...

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The Benefits of Yoga…

The benefits of yoga go beyond improving flexibility and finding inner peace. The main reasons to continue bending your body into weird and wonderful positions are: 1. Yoga improves immunity at cellular level by causing changes in gene expression. One of the most...

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Swim to Slim

When it comes to choosing the right swimsuit or bikini – everyone has a unique opinion on which type they like. Imagine if we were just as selective when choosing the type of class or swimming regime that suited our bodies and what results might be achieved by doing...

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