Non-Scale victories, or NSVs as you might have seen them called, are just as important on a weight loss journey as seeing your weight go down.

But why do so many of us focus so heavily on the number we see on the scale?

Most weeks, we tentatively step on it, only to see the numbers aren’t telling us we haven’t miraculously reached our weight loss target in a week.

It can be really frustrating when we let the scale rule our lives and ultimately, for some of us, it can stop our weight loss all together!

When we rely on the scales to tell us our worth, it masks us from being able to see other victories we might be having because of our healthy lifestyle and without knowing, you could be giving up on some amazing improvements in life, that you’ve not even realised you’ve made.

Coming into summer, we’ve put together some of the amazing NSVs that you could be about to see, or are already seeing, even if the scales are totally reflecting your weight loss efforts!


Boosted Moods

Spring, summer and sunshine are an instant mood booster, but if, even during the rainy, colder days you’ve started to notice you’re happier and most positive about things, this is a sure-fire sign that your weight loss is helping your mood!

This is no coincidence as movement and exercise release your feel-good hormones, endorphins.

These are the hormones that give you that happy, warm, fuzzy feeling inside and boost your mental health and ability to deal with conditions like low mood and anxiety.

woman wearing white T-shirt smiling



Activities Become Easier

It could be that you’re walking further, sweating less during activities, taking the stairs quicker or running around after your kids, but simple things that might have put you off activities in the warmer weather, are now a think of the past.

Losing weight also takes all kinds of strains off your body that you might have felt before.

For every pound you carry, it adds 4 pounds of pressure to your knees, so those aches disappearing in your joints and that feeling of moving more freely can be a real motivational boost on a weight loss journey!

woman in gray sports bra and gray leggings doing push up

Healthy Choices

One of the best NSVs you can experience on a weight loss journey is your boosted willpower.

Your willpower is a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

During spring and summer, it seems easier to eat healthily, with the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies we see on display, and your willpower letting you choose these, instead of chips or ice creams, is a big sign that your weight loss journey is working!

We tend to underestimate how much mental resilience we develop, even after only a short time.

Think of a time you’ve resisted the urge to do something the ‘old’ you would have done. That’s your willpower at work!

vegetable and meat on bowl




Better Fitting Clothes

Well this one speaks for itself really, doesn’t it?

Did you hibernate your summer clothes, worrying that by next summer, you wouldn’t fit in some of the shorts and t-shirts you were packing away?

You’ll be surprised how quickly a few smaller measurements on you can make a big difference to how your clothes fit.

It only takes a few inches off here or there to make things feel comfortable to wear again!

Did you take your measurements at the beginning of your journey? How many inches have you lost from your body?

Clothes fitting better, buying smaller clothing and your measurements shrinking are all fantastic visual ways to see just how brilliantly you are doing on a weight loss journey.

women's blue denim bottoms



Dreamy Sleep

One of the lesser-known benefits of losing weight is that you are able to sleep longer, and you get a better quality of sleep too.

Sleep is essential for us on a weight loss journey, as if you aren’t well rested, you make poorer food choices out of tiredness and convenience.

We know that as the weather hots up, sleep can become harder with the nights staying warm and sticky, but as you lose weight, your body is able to regulate your internal temperature better, meaning you’ll feel cooler at night and feel more rested.

But, if you notice that you’re able to snooze with ease now, that could be thanks to your healthier lifestyle!

woman covering her face with blanket



Feeling Good

This one is one you need to really stop and think about. It could be your digestion has improved, your skin is healthier or you’re not as worried about being seen on the beach anymore.

But, something inside you just feels different to who you were before you started your weight loss journey, and it feels brilliant.

Take time now. Stop for one minute and assess how you feel. We bet it is much better than before you started losing weight!



However you measure your weight loss success, be sure to see it as just that, success. Celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come.

Don’t spend your summer dwelling on the scales, your hard work shows up in different ways that you might not have thought about.

Now, tell us, what’s your best non-scale victory?


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