As part of our product launch week, we are introducing new product number 2: ZinoBiotic!

A huge part of any weight loss diet is what we eat.

What we put into our bodies, by way of food, is our fuel.

So, if we are fuelling our body with highly-processed, high-fat foods, eventually it will cause issues in our gut, which in turn, effects our overall health, weight loss and well-being.

This can result in minor symptoms like bloating, IBS symptoms and just a feeling of discomfort from eating. Or, it can develop further into critical and life-endangering symptoms too.

This is why The Slimming Clinic offer ZinoBiotic – a PRE-biotic.


What is a pre-biotic?

You may have heard of PRO-biotics before, they often come in little sour drink form in the supermarket.

Whilst probiotics work to increase the levels of good bacteria in the gut, prebiotics, like ZinoBiotic, work to feed the good bacteria you already have.

Zinobiotic is a blend of 8 fibres that support the growth of good bacteria throughout the gut – this is different from most fibre supplements that commonly only contain 2 types of fibre.

Good bacteria use this fibre as their fuel, enabling them to grow in numbers, overpowering the bad bacteria.

Unlike a prebiotic that contains bacteria – which is often destroyed by the acid in the stomach before having any chance of reaching the gut – this works where it is required to support gut health.

This is a much more effective way to balance out the health of your gut and ensure that your gut is functioning correctly for you and optimising your health and well-being as you are on your weight loss journey.


Health benefits to you of ZinoBiotic

We now know that a healthy gut is key to our health and well-being. It looks after a lot of critical functions within our body and 70% of our immune system is housed within our gut.

If our gut is out of balance, it can’t ward off infectious bacteria or viruses and can see us getting ill more often.

Additionally, where our gut is intrinsically linked with our brain, if our gut is imbalanced, it can affect our nerves and hormones, making it harder to maintain our general health and well-being.

In fact, 90% of our happy hormone, serotonin, is made in the gut – so it is crucial that we look after it and feed it nutritious foods, as well as support it with natural supplements to reduce our chances of poor mental health.

By taking a prebiotic like ZinoBiotic, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, it will help restore your gut health.

ZinoBiotic helps by:


  • Reduction in blood sugar spiking after meals
  • Improvement in Gut health
  • Balanced cholesterol
  • Healthy bowel functions
  • Balanced microbiome


A healthy gut enhances your immune system, can improve symptoms of low mood, anxiety and depression, help you lose weight more effectively, improve your sleep and take down levels of inflammation and pain within the body.

The Slimming Clinic want to care for all aspects of your health and well-being. We know that losing weight isn’t just losing weight. There are many areas that need caring for along the way.

That is why we have added Zinzino products to our weight loss programmes.

You can find out more about ZinoBiotic on the Zinzino website or, if you are ready to add Zinzino ZinoBiotic to your weight loss programme, get in touch today and speak to a member of the team!


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