Now you might be wondering what a skin serum has to do with medical weight loss. However, having over 30 years’ experience in the weight loss field, we have spoken to thousands of patients who find that when they have lost weight, they become unhappy with the skin on their face.

When we lose weight, we want to not only feel as healthy as possible, but look incredible too.

However, dramatic weight loss can have a negative impact on the elasticity of the skin, particularly the face.

It is really important to have good skin elasticity, as this means your skin that can protect your body against various exposures and look smooth, young and glowing.

When speaking to our patients, we wanted to be able to offer something to them that could help with that, so that we could offer you a complete service, one that included taking care of your weight, health and how you look too.

Bearing that in mind, we wanted to find something that stood alongside our medical weight loss programmes that could help you.

We didn’t want to offer you something that wasn’t grounded in science and that didn’t have studies into it to prove efficacy.

We wanted something proven, reliable and more importantly, that worked!

That is why we turned to Zinzino Skin Serum.

What is Zinzino Skin Serum?

Zinzino say about their Skin Serum:


“Skin Serum is the first of its kind. It is designed to approach and modify aging systematically, and it represents the next evolutionary step in skin care.

Skin Serum works by improving the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), the fine mesh of microfibers that supports the skin. The active ingredients in Skin Serum protect, repair and rebuild the matrix.

Skin Serum hydrates and smooths the skin, improves skin elasticity and strength, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the size of pores.”


These are bold claims and we wanted to be sure that we were offering the best on the market to our patients.

So, our weight loss doctors looked into the Skin Serum offered by Zinzino and found studies into how it works, to back up the claims that it makes!

In fact, just using the Skin Serum for 60 days, the participants had an 18% increase in the skin elasticity in their face and when paired with other Zinzino products, they had a 36.6% increase in elasticity.


How does the Skin Serum work? 

The 24-hour Skin Serum for face and neck reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

It rejuvenates by rebuilding the extra-cellular matrix, providing tensile strength and elasticity to the skin.

Squalane – helps to reduce redness of the skin and is an antioxidant which means it helps to protect skin against environmental factors such as stress, ageing, pollution.

Hyaluronic Acid – holds 1000 times its own weight in water which means this is the ultimate ingredient for skin hydration!) A hydrated skin will also appear fuller and voluminous which in turn helps to keep the sins appearance youthful.

Copper heptapeptide – helps to increase strength and elasticity of the skin. As this ingredient helps to increase the production of collagen it will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines.


The Slimming Clinic want to care for all aspects of your health and well-being. We know that losing weight isn’t just losing weight. There are many areas that need caring for along the way.

That is why we have added Zinzino products to our weight loss programmes.

You can find out more about the Skin Serum on the Zinzino website or, if you are ready to add Zinzino Skin Serum to your weight loss programme, get in touch today and speak to a member of the team!


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