Give yourself the best gift this Christmas with The Slimming Clinic’ 12 Week Little Black Dress Challenge! Before you know it, you and others around you will notice the amazing transformation this challenge brings.


It’s exactly 12 weeks until Christmas, that’s 12 weeks to confidently show off your figure in that little black dress! It also means you can be your fittest self for your family this festive season. So make sure you swap those mince pies for mince tartlets to save half the calories!

Healthy weight loss doesn’t happen over night! These 12 weeks are a good amount of time to plan out your diet and exercise so you can feel your best at the upcoming Christmas parties.

What better way to start the Christmas countdown than to set yourself a weight loss goal?

Make Sure You Move More!

The weather is beginning to get colder, so walking instead of driving to places may be out the question for some of us.

But, why not use those Christmas shopping trips as part of your exercise? Park your car further than you usually would, take time to walk around the different shops and most importantly….take the stairs!

Taking the stairs whilst carrying heavy bags of Christmas goodies can be quite the workout!

Here is an example of some healthy meals

Breakfast: Skinny pepper, tomato and ham omelette.

This protein packed breakfast is only 206 calories! A classic omelette is perfect for your diet as it helps stop you from feeling peckish later on the day.

Lunch: Chorizo and chickpea salad with dried tomatoes and red onion.

At only 354 calories, this meal is full of nutrients. Chickpeas are also known to help control your appetite and support blood sugar control.

Snack Time: Fruit and Vegetables

Cut out any snacks with high calories and added sugar. Switch these to fruit or vegetables as they contain essential vitamins and minerals for your health. Did you know cup of carrots is only 45 calories and a medium sized apple is 72 calories?

Dinner: Spicy meatballs with black beans and avocado.

Enjoy this low calorie dinner at 376 calories after swapping the beef mince to turkey mince. You’ll also gain lots of fibre from the avocado and black beans!

By simply planning ahead for your meals and making time for exercise, you’ll be able to shred your unwanted weight in time to slip into your black dress this Christmas!

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