This month’s slimming superstar is Lisa Beaumont who lost 5 stone with us and is looking amazing.

After struggling with her weight for the best part of 25 years Lisa decided enough was enough and decided to make a change. She says “I a comfort eater, particularly on a bad day and would also eat the kids left over food as they were growing up. I’ve had high and lows over the last 25 years with yo-yo dieting – losing a couple of stone then gaining it again plus more”.

“I’ve tried every diet known to mankind – calorie counting, slimming clubs and groups, cabbage soup diet, literally everything!”

The compliments you get from other people really spur you on when you’re losing weight. My aching joints have now gone, I’ve got muscles in my legs now – I haven’t joined a gym just upped my walking and practice 10 mins of easy exercise every day.
I socialise a lot more now as I’m not ashamed of myself anymore. Before I lost weight I refused to get my photo taken – now I photo bomb everyone’s selfies and my confidence is so high! I love buying new clothes and not sticking to black leggings and a baggy top!

“I saw a friend of mine losing weight and posting progress pictures on Facebook. She was doing so well, I private messaged her and asked what her secret was, her answer – Slimming with The Slimming Clinic. There and then I decided to research it and made an appointment. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made”.

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Lisa Beaumont

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