Name: Kimberley Baker

Age: 22

Occupation: Full Time Student / Store Manager

Starting Weight: 16st 8lbs

Current Weight: 13st 8lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: 3st

Kimberley started with The Slimming Clinic in September 2020 and in that short amount of time, she has lost a fantastic 3stone on her i-Change Elite weight loss programme!

Find out how losing weight has shown her how to be body confident and that her own family and friends didn’t recognise her after she came out of lockdown, due to her amazing weight loss results!



Why did you make the decision to start a weight loss diet?

I decided to start a weight loss diet because I felt unhappy and uncomfortable with my weight, and I had no body confidence at all.

I wanted to change how I felt and generally feel much healthier.



Tell us about any previous weight loss diet attempts you have made?

In the past I have tried a few weight loss diets and groups and after a while I lost interest and I was bored.

I only lost about 1.5 stone in total and then I put the weight on again and more!

I felt restricted in those weight loss groups as there were strict plans which I struggled to follow, and this is what made me become bored as I was eating the same foods all the time.

Whereas with The Slimming Clinic i-Change Elite weight loss programme, I have noticed my portion control and cravings have been supressed thanks to the weight loss medication which has helped a lot to stick with the diet!

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How did you hear about The Slimming Clinic and why did you choose to lose weight with us?

I heard about The Slimming Clinic because s family member had previously tried their weight loss programmes and recommended it as they were successful and lost a few stone.

Once I had looked into the programmes at The Slimming Clinic, I noticed how successful other people have been with their weight loss.

Also, I was pleased with how much weight loss expert quality support and resources were available which gave me more motivation to join.

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What is the best thing about your i-Change Weight Loss Programme?

The best thing about my i-Change weight loss programme is all the weight loss expert resources I received!

My Qardio scales and arm monitor have been fantastic and the Qardio app is very easy to use and it has helped me keep track of my health and weight throughout.

The support from my phone call appointments with my weight loss doctor has been so great for the advice.




Was there anything you struggled with on your weight loss journey, and how did you overcome that?

I did struggle a lot of with remembering to take the medication before meals throughout the day as I have a busy schedule with being a student and having a job.

However, my family were always reminding me and were a great help, also I keep reminders on my phone to help.




What is the best thing about losing weight and what do you do now, that you didn’t do before?

The best thing about losing 3 stone is feeling great about yourself, the confidence is amazing!

My journey started during the second hit of the pandemic lockdowns, so my friends, family and peers did not see me much which meant when they did finally see me after all this weight loss their reactions and support were amazing!

People didn’t recognise me as I look so different!

Before I joined The Slimming Clinic weight loss programme, I drank a lot of fizzy drinks. Now I drink loads of water throughout the day, I have completely ditched fizzy drinks and other sugary drinks as I prefer water.

I used to drink a lot of fizzy before I started and that was a habit I thought I couldn’t break but I cannot even attempt to drink it now which is perfect!

Also I rarely snack on snacks like crisps and chocolate bars etc anymore, I don’t fancy them or even consider them anymore.

I have even started to turn down offers of chocolate cakes or treats from family members as I’m not bothered about them anymore.




What would you say to anyone thinking of joining a weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic?

If anyone is thinking of joining a weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic, I would tell them it is 100% worth it!

The Slimming Clinic has helped me change my weight, eating habits and has turned my life around as I feel ten times better and healthier for it!

If you are wanting to try a different online weight loss diet like this, then just go for it!

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