Name: Joanne Bishop

Age: 39

Occupation: Beauty Therapist

Starting Weight: 16 stone

Current Weight: 13 stone 2lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: 2 stone 12lbs


Joanne joined an online weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic when she noticed it was getting harder to play with her three children. In just a few months with The Slimming Clinic, she has lost almost 3 stone and here she tells us how her new weight loss diet has changed her life!


Why did you make the decision to start losing weight?

I made the decision to start losing weight because I have three young children. I wanted to be able to join in with playing with them and be a healthy role model for them as they grow up.


Tell us about any previous attempt you have made to lose weight?

I have tried lots of different high street weight loss diets to lose weight previously with little effect.

None have really worked before and I so I found The Slimming Clinic and thought I would give it a go!


How did you hear about The Slimming Clinic and why did you choose to lose weight with us?

I heard about The Slimming Clinic on Google. Because the attempts I had made at weight loss diets before hadn’t worked long-term for me, I wanted wanted to try a different approach to my weight loss.

The Slimming Clinic seemed to be the new approach I needed.


What is the best thing about your online weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic?

The best thing about my online weight loss programme is that there is lots of support available when I need it from weight loss experts.

– (Depending on which weight loss programme you select, as part of a Slimming Clinic programme, you get access to our doctor, dietitian, mindset coach and movement coach to help support your weight loss in every aspect)


How do you find your 1-to-1 appointments with your weight loss doctor?

I found my appointments with my weight loss doctor very helpful and supportive. I liked that I could talk to the doctor and get the support I needed to keep my journey going when I needed it.


Was there anything you struggled with on your weight loss journey?

Along my weight loss journey, I did find that I would hit weight loss plateaus, even thought I was eating well.

To overcome this, I would increase my exercise to give my weight loss a boost again!


What is the best thing about losing weight?

The best thing about losing weight is having more confidence!

Because I have lost so much weight, I can now run around with my children and go down the slides when I take them to soft play.

Another benefit is that I can also go running. Something I was not brave or confident enough to do before.


What would you say to anyone thinking of joining a weight loss program with The Slimming Clinic?

If anyone was thinking of joining an online weight loss program with The Slimming Clinic, I would say do it!

I would highly recommend the programmes to everyone!


If you’d like to see how our medical weight loss programmes can support you to start losing weight and improve your health, contact The Slimming Clinic now. Every online weight loss programme is designed around you, your lifestyle and your requirements for weight loss.

Our weight loss doctors and experts are here for you, when you need them, to enable you to reach your targets!


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