Starting weight: 14st 4lbs

Current weight: 12st 1lbs

Clinic: Basildon

Meet Claire, our super slimmer from Basildon who has lost an amazing 2st 3lbs through The Slimming Clinic. Here she tells us her inspiration weight loss story!

What have you tried in the past to lose weight?

I have always been up and down with my weight and have tried absolutely everything on the market to successfully lose weight. Unfortunately, the diets either don’t work or the weight doesn’t stay off very long. As I have got older, the weight has crept on a lot quicker and is harder to lose.

What are your downfalls with food?

My downfalls have always been crisps and I used to have cheese with everything! I’ve started to leave it off my shopping list, so I don’t risk temptation. I also skipped breakfast and would snack during the day until I was full – which was the wrong way of thinking!

What made you join The Slimming Clinic?

My friend who recommended The Slimming Clinic in Basildon had lost lots of weight and following her advice to join was the best decision I ever made! I knew I needed to do something about my weight when I realised how unfit I was. My young son is very energetic and I felt it was unfair that I was unable to participate in activities with him due to being over weight. I was the parent in assembly that was sweaty and overweight and it made me feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable.

SInce joining The Slimming Clinic, not only have I lost stones off the scales, but I’ve lost so many inches too! Thanks to this, my dress-style has changed and I no longer opt for ‘safe’, baggy clothes. I get to explore different clothing styles and I love the fact I can shop online and that smaller clothes fit me.

What has changes did you make on your weight loss journey?

My eating habits have now completely changed and I make sure I have a healthy breakfast. What’s more, I’ve recognised the difference between hunger and thirst and now if I feel hungry, I’ll drink water first before I eat to see if that helps.

I’ve also learned portion control and my portions have shrunk. I also now plan and make all my meals ahead of time and freeze them, so that I am not tempted to buy naughty dinners, as I know I have something ready-made at home already.

What has been the best part of losing weight?

Overall, I feel absolutely great in myself and feel so much less sluggish than I have done in the past. I wake up in the mornings feeling happy and energised and everyone is noticing my good moods and energy levels! The compliments are a real boost and spur me on to keep going and lose the final stone, and keep it off for good!

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