Have some extra weight you’d like to shed? Well, aside from making you look and feel good in your new body, weight loss programmes provide a host of other health benefits too.

All those extra unwanted pounds can really get you down, but what’s worse, it can negatively impact all of your major organs. For these reasons, it’s best to lose some unwanted weight. But there are SO many weight loss tips and methods promoted online, it feels impossible to know which way to go.


Don’t panic!

The good news is that even a one-pound drop in body weight can have a positive ripple effect all over your body. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Doctor-led medical weight loss programmes can help you achieve your goal weight by using targeted weight loss strategies. The Slimming Clinic uses a combination of medically-assisted prescriptions and achievable lifestyle adjustments, such as weight loss diet and exercise, to help you meet your fitness goals.

Here’s a breakdown of how weight loss programmes affect your body, for the better.


Improved heart health

If you’re looking to lose weight, heart health tops the list of why you should do it now. The heart is a powerful muscle, but things get a little complicated in an overweight or obese body. Aside from higher blood pressure, the extra body fat also comes with a risk of high bad cholesterol levels which then increases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Slimming down with an effective weight loss diet and exercise does reduce the extra fat, allowing your heart to pump blood without going into overdrive, thus reducing your blood pressure. Lowering your bad cholesterol levels also lowers the risk of developing heart attacks, strokes, and other heart diseases.

Through undergoing a weight loss programme with one of our doctors, we make sure that your blood cholesterol is constantly monitored, and your weight loss programme is adjusted to ensure that it includes strategies to improve your heart health.


Better liver function

A fatty liver spells bad news. It can lead to scarring and in worse cases, lead to liver cancer or liver failure. Through a weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic, we can restore your liver function and help you lead a healthier life with an effective weight loss diet and exercise. Reduced liver fat also helps increase insulin sensitivity, helping your body to manage blood sugar levels.

Left unchecked, fluctuating blood sugar levels can lead to problems with blood sugar management, which can then lead to diabetes. One thing to note is that liver fat, just like belly fat can be quite stubborn. However, with strategies such as the use of fat blockers and appetite suppressors through a weight loss programme, you can keep your liver from getting extra fat deposits and allow it to lose existing deposits.


Improved joint function

Unhealthy weight levels put a toll on your joints and put you at higher risk of developing osteoarthritis – the wear and tear of joints. As your joints work hard to support your weight, they begin to get tired and worn down. Slimming to a healthier weight through a weight loss programme reduces the extra pressure, allowing your joints time to heal, and ultimately, reducing the risk of developing arthritis. You will also experience improved mobility and climbing stairs will no longer be accompanied by creaky and achy joints. When you join a weight loss programme like The Slimming Clinic, you can learn some effective weight loss tips and exercises which can be performed even if you have sore joints.



Reduced back pain

Just like your joints have to work hard to support the extra weight, your back and spine have to work even harder, which often leads to back pain. Besides, too much pressure on your spine may result in tilting which then worsens the pain. Abdominal fat may also put pressure on your pelvis leading to lower back pain. Losing the extra weight through support from a weight loss doctor relieves this pressure and allows your back to heal, giving you relief from constant back pain. Again, being in a controlled environment such as a weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic means you can learn the right weight loss exercises and minimise the chances of furthering the injury to your back.


Improved lung health

New studies show that people with abdominal obesity are more likely to develop lung impairments. Though it is still unclear how abdominal fat may be harming your lungs, scientists believe that the extra fat could be restricting your diaphragm, making it harder for your lungs to expand when you breathe in, or when lying down.  Another possible explanation may be that the overall body inflammation caused by excess weight which could then affect your lungs leading to lung impairments. Weight loss diet and exercise can help restore balance. With our weight loss programmes, our doctors can help establish an exercise routine that is within what you can handle, to get you moving and improve your lung health.


Lower risk of cancer

Being overweight increases your risk of developing different types of cancer. This complex relationship is thought to be as a result of certain hormones such as estrogen, and androgens accompanied by higher cell growth, which all work together to increase your risk of developing cancer. Cutting down weight with a weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic can lower this risk, and there is evidence to support this. Recent research suggests that losing 5% of your body weight can lower your risk of developing breast cancer by 25-40%. Obesity is also associated with a higher risk of developing bowel cancer and losing the extra weight could put you at better odds. The great thing about losing weight in a doctor-led weight loss programme is that they are experts in their field and understand the links between obesity and cancer. No fads, no bad-science!


Improved sex life

The benefits of slimming down go all the way to the bedroom. A great weight loss tip is that slimming down can improve your libido, and the resulting energy boost can increase your sexual performance. For men, losing weight can increase their testosterone levels, and can help combat erectile dysfunction. Women also experience better circulation in the genital area which improves sexual satisfaction. Taking advantage of our natural slimming aids through a weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic can help elevate your self-esteem and improve body image for a better sex life.


Improved fertility

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful, your weight could be the problem. Higher BMI puts you at risk of abnormal periods which can lower your chances of getting pregnant. Left unchecked, unhealthy weight levels could result in insulin resistance, which leaves you at risk of having too much testosterone in your system. High androgen levels are a known cause of infertility in women.

Luckily, weight loss programmes can help reverse these symptoms, and potentially increase your chances of getting pregnant. Working with a weight loss doctor helps identify problem areas by keeping tabs on your hormone levels and adjusting your weight loss programme accordingly. Wanting to start a family one day is a fantastic goal to have when losing weight, and our doctors will help you keep these goals in mind along your journey.


Better sleep

Studies show that weight loss can help achieve better sleep and even reduce sleep apnea and snoring. Obese people are at higher risk of developing sleep apnea which is characterized by start and stop instances in your breathing while sleeping. The condition prevents you from getting restful sleep and can have other negative health risks.

A medical weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic can provide you with weight loss tips and support to reduce these symptoms, helping you to achieve deep restful sleep. Better yet, slimming with one of our weight loss doctors can help to reduce the fat deposits around your neck, which could be the cause of your snoring.




Bottom Line

Weight loss sounds easier said than done. Anyone who has been struggling with the same can attest to this. However, working with a weight loss doctor can help you achieve your fitness goals by tailoring a medical weight loss programme that works for you. Weight loss is a journey and we can help make it easier. If you are interested in starting a weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic, book a free consultation at one of our weight loss clinics.

Keep up to date with our blog or contact us for more information about weight loss programmes and further weight loss tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle.