Picture this, you’ve taken the big step to embark on your weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic. You’re motivated, know your goals and are ready to lose weight and improve your health for good. But, friends or family who aren’t on the same journey can have a negative influence on your weight loss. That’s why it’s important to get the right weight loss support and encouragement you really need from your loved ones.

We know that friends and family have great intentions, but sometimes, they can cause unnecessary stress and temptation when we are trying to be good. Your closest network has a big impact on your lifestyle, so if they aren’t following the same plan, it can influence how quickly you achieve your desired results.

Whilst you can’t force your friends and family to take up the same journey as you, what you can do is make your intentions clear and ask for their support along the way.

Here are some ways to get your nearest and dearest on-board with your new lifestyle!

Have a chat

In order to get the weight loss support you really need, start by having a casual chat with your loved ones about your intention to lose weight. Let your friends, family and colleagues know that buying you treats or persuading you to indulge isn’t helpful for your new lifestyle changes. Being open with them will show them how serious you are about your health and well-being.

Plan your meals in advance

Meal planning is a hugely effective way to stay on track. If you’re not the main chef in the house, creating a meal plan together will ensure you know what you’re having to eat each day.

Planning what you’re eating reduces the risk of getting to 5pm each day and wondering what you’re going to have for dinner and the temptation to reach for something easy (and not necessarily nutritious!)

Place a chalkboard meal planner in a communal space and plot in the planned meals every day. This means everyone at home always knows what’s on the menu!

Avoid temptation

Hiding the high calorie, fattening foods is great way to avoid temptation. In order to maintain weight loss motivation, get them to put anything that might cause you to veer off track in a cupboard out of reach. As they say, you often only eat treats simply because you know they’re there!

Get them involved

Involving them in your journey and getting them to come out and about with you during activities will show them the effort you are putting in. Once they see how hard you are working to lose weight, they will feel a newfound appreciation for what it is you want to achieve!

What’s more, if friends and family see your weight melting away on your journey, they might even accompany you on it. Having someone by your side allows you to stay motivated and give each other encouragement to carry on losing weight.

If you are finding it hard to stay on track around loved ones, The Slimming Clinic can help. From our GMC-registered weight loss doctors to our movement coaches and more, you’ll gain support from our entire team of experts. The team spirit and weekly one to one doctor appointments will give you the drive to keep going.

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