Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and love is in the air. Stores are stocking up on sweets, chocolates, and roses and you might be starting to think about which delicious valentines treats you can indulge in. If you or your partner are on a weight loss journey or trying to maintain your weight loss success so far, you can still be spoilt with these healthy, low-calorie, but delightful delicacies.

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

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Start the day right by preparing a healthy breakfast in bed for your loved one. Plain Greek Yogurt is an excellent option as it has fewer carbs and more protein per gram. For toppings, the possibilities are endless. However, for a healthier breakfast, fresh fruits, nuts, and whole grain cereal are excellent choices. Cut up a selection of your partner’s favourite fruits into little heart shapes. Combine with a handful of grapes, berries of your choice, whole grain cereal or oatmeal to boost satiety.

Low-Calorie Ice Cream

If you are looking for dessert options, you can still indulge in ice cream by choosing the low-sugar and low-fat options. There are many options which are below 100 calories. Some quick math will help you figure out how much you and your loved one can eat without feeling guilty. You can also prepare the Valentine’s Day treat at home by choosing from the many simple recipes available. Some options include avocado ice cream, chocolate malt ice cream, and watermelon-yogurt ice.

Low-fat Plain Yogurt

Low-fat frozen yogurts are low in fats and sugars. For dessert, you can substitute ice cream for this creamy Valentines treat which packs fewer calories. However, watch the portion size as you don’t want the calories to add up.

Dark Chocolate

Valentine’s is never really complete without a chocolate treat. Just because you’re on a weight loss journey does not mean that they cannot indulge. Dark chocolate is a smart option as it is 70% cacao (and sometimes more). Eaten in moderation, you will both satisfy your sweet tooth while providing a boost of antioxidants.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruits

You can still take care of your sweet tooth without the extra sugars by opting for chocolate dips. Trade regular chocolate with dark chocolate as a healthy swap. You can then dip fruits such as strawberries and almonds – delicious!


S’mores are a perfect treat for a cozy evening with your significant other. While most recipes are loaded with artificial ingredients, it is still possible to stick to your weight loss diet by creating your healthy version. Here’s how.


  • 2 Whole graham crackers, broken in half
  • 4 Marshmallows
  • Tablespoons bittersweet Chocolate Chips, melted


  1. Position your oven rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat the broiler.
  2. Place the graham cracker halves on a baking sheet and top each with one marshmallow.
  3. Broil, with the oven door ajar and observing until the marshmallows are golden brown. This could take 45-75 seconds.
  4. Remove them from the oven and drizzle each s’more with a little melted chocolate.

Bottom Line

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and remind your partner how much they mean to you. You can do this by indulging in these healthy treats guilt free.

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