There are many reasons that people come to join us here at The Slimming Clinic, but the reason we hear most commonly is that people are suffering from low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a fear of being able to do the things they want to through being over weight or embarrassed of their weight.

As part of the service we offer at our clinics, we wanted to ensure that your mindset is supported along your journey and that you have the resources to keep yourself positive when taking on a weight loss journey.

This is why, as part of our Change and Transform programmes, we now offer access to The Slimming Clinic app, which works alongside our Doctor and clinic staff as an extra arm along your weight loss journey, providing mindset support.

Packed with tools to keep yourself motivated, the app serves you 24/7 and gives you access to a Mind coach, as well as a community forum where you can converse and engage with like-minded slimmers.

We want to ensure that you don’t just improve your physical health, but keep your mental health well too. We love hearing stories about how our patients confidence and self-esteem has grown on their weight loss journeys.

Don’t believe us? We’ll let our amazing patients do the talking for us 😉

Shareen, Crawley. Lost 2 stone

In the nine months I have been coming to the clinic I have lost two stone and my confidence is so high.

I’ve also found a love for resistance and weight training at the gym – something I would never have done when I was heavier, as I was too embarrassed to exercise.

Craig, Sunderland. Lost 6 stone

Being overweight stopped me from feeling confident and enjoying my life. When I would go on holiday, I would hide away and stop doing activities through embarrassment of my size.

I wouldn’t go on rides with my kids, I wouldn’t swim and never wore vests. This year I have the confidence to wear and do whatever I want!

Charlene, Northampton. Lost 2 stone

I was tired of constantly trying to manage my weight, getting different advice and information from different sources that were never effective.

This slowly started affecting my confidence, especially going out with friends on social settings or even coming out of the house. I no longer enjoyed shopping for clothes and did not love what I saw in the mirror.

After losing weight, I enjoyed shopping, going out with friends and dressing up. I loved the woman starring back in the mirror and received a lot of compliments about how young I looked.

 Lorraine, Bournemouth. Lost 5st 11lbs 

A visit to the hospital prompted me to lose weight. Now I have lost it, I am finally happy with my weight and I can fit into size 10 – 12 clothes. I am a lot more confident and feel so much better about myself.

If you want more information on how we can help you gain back your confidence, pop into your local clinic and talk to one of our amazing members of clinic staff!


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