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When you were younger, what did you think of gardening?

Chances are, you might have thought it was a hobby for the old.

You can just imagine your elderly relative pottering around the garden, admiring the flowers and pulling up a few home-grown veg here and there.

But in recent years, there has been a real surge in popularity of gardening, and we have seen the demand for allotment space go through the roof with most councils having a waiting list for those wishing to get their own plot as well as people who are getting out in their own garden spaces.

We have even seen those without gardens using their balconies, communal spaces and windowsills to grow things.


But why is gardening so popular all of a sudden?

Well we think it comes down to a few points-

Gardening is good for your mental health, physical health and it can save you money if you’re growing your own veg!

There really is so much to love about gardening and the idea that it can help you save money, lose weight and feel better in yourself should hopefully be enough to urge you to give it a go!

If you’re thinking of getting into gardening, we’ve put together our FREE handy ‘Grow Your Own’ guide.

With info on how gardening can support your weight loss diet, mental health and weight loss program, as well as top tips and advice on how to grow your own, get your free copy by clicking on the link below!

Don’t have a garden? We haven’t forgotten you – there is also a section about how to grow your own, even if you’re inside!


FREE ‘Grow Your Own’ Guide


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