The Slimming Clinic are thrilled to launch our first non-medical weight loss plan, LeanShake.

Proving as popular as our medical weight loss programmes, LeanShake meal replacement programme has already caused a big stir with patients, who are keen to improve their weight loss results by adding LeanShake to their weight loss programme!

Perfect for those looking to lose weight with or without weight loss medication – Find out more about LeanShake here and how it might just be the secret weapon to reaching your weight loss goals.

What Is LeanShake?

LeanShake is a meal replacement shake that is high in protein and fibre, making it high in satiety, meaning you are fuller for longer and don’t need to eat 3 meals per day.

Additionally, LeanShake is nutritionally complete – meaning you won’t miss out on any key nutrients in your diet when you replace your meals with LeanShake!


Who Can Benefit From LeanShake?

Almost everyone can benefit from the LeanShake meal replacement programme!

It can be used for:

  • Helping reach your weight loss goals
  • Kickstart the beginning of your weight loss journey
  • Restart your weight loss during a weight loss plateau
  • Great for those taking a break from their weight loss medication, but don’t want to stop their weight loss
  • Maintaining weight loss when you have achieved your goals


Who Can Join a LeanShake Programme?

The fantastic news about LeanShake meal replacement programmes is that anyone who would like to lose weight, or maintain their weight loss with The Slimming Clinic can join a LeanShake programme with us.

Previously, our medical weight loss programmes could only treat those with a BMI over 27, but with new LeanShake, we can treat anyone with a BMI over 25 and anyone who is unable to, or doesn’t wish to take, our weight loss medications.

We can also offer it to patients who are on a weight loss medication break, are plateauing with their weight loss or want a boost at the beginning of their weight loss programme with us.

LeanShakes can be prescribed alongside your weight loss medication, or as a standalone product to help you lose, or maintain weight – so if you are already on a weight loss programme with us, you can add it to your current programme!


How Much Does LeanShake Meal Replacement Cost?

LeanShake Meal replacement costs either £199 per month or £115 per month, depending on which LeanShake meal replacement programme you choose – That is just £3.04 per meal!

On both Weight Loss and Maintenance, you will get an Initial Video Consultation with your weight loss doctor – fully refundable when you join a programme with us – and on-going support for your health and well-being throughout your programme.

The full benefits of each programme are the table below!

LeanShake Weight Loss Programme: £199 Per Month LeanShake Maintenance Programme: £115 Per Month
·         50 Minute Initial Doctor Video Consultation* ·         50 Minute Initial Doctor Video Consultation*
·         64 LeanShakes per month ·         32 LeanShakes per month
·         Follow Up Consultations with our Nurse ·         Follow Up Consultations with our Nurse
·         Patient Pathway with healthy meal ideas ·         Patient Pathway with healthy meal ideas
·         Additional support via our App ·         Additional support via our App
·         LeanShake Mixer Shaker ·         LeanShake Mixer Shaker
·         *£50 Consultation Fee refunded when you join a LeanShake programme ·         *£50 Consultation Fee refunded when you join a LeanShake programme



Next Steps

Are you, or do you know someone who is, ready to begin LeanShake meal replacement programme?

If you’ve got a BMI above 25, we can help you reach your weight loss goals – thanks to LeanShake meal replacement.

The next step is to contact us to talk to us more about our LeanShake meal replacements and get started!

Find Out More About LeanShake Meal Replacement Programmes Here!


*Allergy Information: Please note, this product contains milk, whey, and oat.


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