Want to feel good about yourself?  You can feel amazing and help raise money for Cancer Research by signing up to this Septembers Dryathlon fundraising challenge!  The challenge is simple – no alcohol for one whole month!  Try and get as many people as possible to join you (or go ahead solo) to prove, even if solely to yourself, that you can.  It sounds simple but may prove harder than you initially thought.  The challenge is only for one month but who knows, it might change your perspective on drinking for good.

It has been proven that cancer is generally more common among regular drinkers, so the less you drink the lower the risk.  There are so many benefits to this challenge, apart from the fact that it could save you a generous little bundle, it is a great way to keep that stubborn excess weight at bay.  The health benefits of lowering your weekly alcohol intake way outbalance the short lived buzz alcohol produces.  A few of the benefits include healthier looking skin, less tiredness and higher energy levels, your body will be more prepared for battling off bugs and viruses and you’ll wake up feeling fresh.  Everyone knows alcohol is fattening but are you aware of how seriously fattening?  Imagine eating a hotdog, followed by a burger and topped off with a doughnut for dessert, no? It actually works out to be around 1000 calories, the equivalent to drinking four pints of strong lager.

Drinking less and saving more means you will be able to enjoy the things you never got around to doing before, such as discovering new hobbies, spending time with your family or even taking up a new sport.  A good idea could be to put money in a jar from cash which would’ve gone down the pub and instead save it for a special day like getting pampered at a spa or another well earned treat.

Have a go and sign up here to find out more about the challenge and how drinking less now can make big differences to your health in the long run.  Good luck!


  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • Start the academic year off with more energy to face each day
  • Have a detox month after the last month of Summer holidays
  • Just prove to yourself that you can! Sense of achievment
  • More energy to do sport
  • Sleep better, snore less
  • Start doing the things you keep putting off


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