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The life adjustments we have all had to make over the last weeks have been pretty seismic and most of us are finding that we need to build a new routine and find a new balance between work and home – now they have essentially become one!

It can sometimes feel really overwhelming, so we put it to our Clinic Manager in Glasgow Southside, Sharon, to tell us how she’s coping with still trying to keep her patients on track and cope with her workload, but balancing a new way of life, at home.

  • We have kept setting the alarm for the same time in the mornings and kept our sleep routine the same. This is helping us all sleep better and ensure we are well rested.
  • I have still been kept busy with work, so we have been coordinating who is using the home computer and for what. Drawing up a timetable to ensure we all get time on it.
  • We’ve copied the children’s school timetables from what they would normally do at school each day, to keep them in a familiar routine and help them to achieve tasks set out from school.
  • We are starting the day off with PE to get everyone energised – there are lots of online or live workouts at the moment!
  • We have been cooking our lunches and dinners together and baking together then enjoying the feast.
  • We have been doing art classes regularly. We painted a rainbow to display in the window to show support and it’s also reminding us to try and eat a rainbow of colours each day in our diet.
  • We have watched one movie every night as a family, to take our minds off the situation.
  • Where we are allowed, we are getting in one walk per day, ensuring we are distanced from others, but keeping ourselves full of fresh air and vitamin D.
  • When we feel like we need a friendly face, or to check on our friends and family, we FaceTime with loved ones to catch up.
  • We have been looking after ourselves mentally too and taking time to talk about our feelings and giving each other time to reflect when emotions swell up and things feel a little overwhelming.
  • If the children have behaved well and done their schoolwork, we have been rewarding them with limited time on their electronic devices.
  • For my own mental health and sanity, I have arranged some parties over FaceTime with friends and have a game of online bingo with friends planned. I will be dressing up like I’m heading out, and will make it like a usual Friday night with friends.

You can still book remote appointments with us at this time, if you are an existing customer with us, and have your medication delivered to you. For more information, call us now.

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