Getting out and keeping active in the cold weather can prove to be slightly more challenging over the Christmas holidays, especially when it is cold, dark and icy out!

Luckily, we have some great ideas for keeping everyone busy and helping to keep you active, no matter your level of fitness!

Have a go at some of these fun winter activities to aid your weight loss journey – whilst having as much festive fun as possible.


Go Ice skating

Have you got a local rink open to you? If so, get down to your local rink and give it a go! It’s an all over workout and requires a lot of core stability!

Hit the slopes

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a cabin in Val D’Isere to take part in this weight loss exercise. There are lots of indoor ski centres still open around the UK that mean you can burn calories and have fun skiing, snowboarding or ringo-ing inside!

Play in the snow

OK, we know we might be dreaming of a white Christmas and not all of the UK gets snow, and we’re not ones to encourage play fights, but snowball fights can be fun! Looking for something a little less energetic? Try building a snowman – still fun even as an adult!

Walk around a Christmas market

Not technically an exercise, but it is a good way to up your activity levels. If you’re lucky enough to have a market open, or your shops are still operating as normal, get present hunting and carrying enough presents could count as weights! It’s also the perfect excuse to get out, enjoy the fresh air and a nice walk.


A fun winter exercise for the whole family! Pick up a cheap sledge from your local DIY shop and take it to your nearest hill. It doesn’t even need to be snowy; ice will do it. Plus, the walk up the hill to the top is great cardio!

Hand-deliver your local Christmas cards

Instead of spending money on stamps or risking delays in the post, why not walk your Christmas cards round to your local recipients? Get your step count up and save money!

Visit some Christmas lights

Know a local park that has illuminations? Or maybe a neighbourhood near you have a brilliant light display on their houses? Get out and about and explore the beautiful festive lights.

Our top winter weight loss tips for keeping active over winter

We know the dark and cold days of winter can make your fitness take a backseat. With the current icy and foggy conditions, it can be enough to throw in the towel completely. But, December is the perfect time to get out and combat the over-indulgences you might have had.

Remember, if in doubt, outside is always free so find a friend or loved one and get your movement up this December. It will do wonders for your mood, health and weight.

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