Whilst for most of us in the UK we didn’t have the weather to reflect it, summer has, in fact, been and gone.

With schools back in full swing and weekday and weekend routines back to normal, is your weight loss diet routine back to normal?

Summer is traditionally one of the times when we see our weight loss diet routines take a backseat, as the kids are at home more, or we have more occasions to let our hair down and eat, drink and socialise a little more than we would usually.

If you found that you’ve put on weight over the summer, how can you find focus again with your healthy living?

How can you stop an extra few pounds becoming an extra few stone?

Try these 7 quick tips to get you back on track!


  1. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can start today

Are you putting it off today, because ‘diets start Monday?’, or you want to wait for a fresh month?

Your healthy living can start any time, any day with any meal.

Had a ‘bad’ breakfast? The day is not over! Plan a healthy lunch and dinner and start now, with what you have.

Keep your mindset focussed and get back on track right now!

Feeling out of control and can’t find your willpower?

Find out how to get your mindset on track! 


  1. Try to cut out alcohol

Most of us know that alcohol isn’t great for us – especially when we are on a weight loss diet – with it’s empty calories, ability to increase our appetite and lower our ability to make ‘good’ decisions. (Who has found themselves with a takeaway at 1am after a night out even though we’ve eaten dinner?!)

If you’ve found you’ve been drinking more than usual, try cutting down on the amount you’re drinking, or, if you do choose to drink, choose lower-calorie versions, like spirits with diet mixers or ‘slimline’ versions.*


  1. Stop reaching for unnecessary snacks

Find yourself snacking when you’re not hungry? Or reaching for a biscuit when you’re making a cuppa?

Before you eat your next snack, think about if you are truly hungry. Before you eat your next snack, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I hungry?
  • Do I want this, or do I NEED this snack?
  • Will I feel better after I eat it?
  • Will it help my weight loss journey?


  1. Choose healthy snacks & meals

If you do want to snack, then choose healthier options. Keep your fridge and cupboards stocked with healthy fruits, low calorie crisp alternatives and yummy veggies.

They will fill you up more than a few biscuits and are only a fraction of the calories and are great for your weight loss diet!

Also, plan healthy meals! Fill your plate with vegetables and low-calorie items first, then add the extras.

If you need help getting back to the basics of a healthy diet, click here to read our expert advice!


  1. Plan your days

If you know you are likely to fall off the healthy living bandwagon, make a plan!

Draw up the week on a piece of paper or whiteboard and plan in your meals, snacks and exercise for weight loss for each day.

If you have a plan, research shows you are more likely to stick to it and be successful!

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  1. Add in exercise for weight loss

We know that exercise and activity for weight loss is not something that everyone will want to do, but it is really important to add in some movement to at least 5 days a week.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous, but enough to raise your heart and see you get warmer (or even break a sweat!)

Combining exercise with a weight loss diet has shown to be much more effective than dieting alone.

On top of this, it improves your health, boosts your willpower and supports your mental health too.

Need more help with exercise for weight loss? Try our FREE two-week exercise plan!


  1. Do your best

We’re not perfect, as much as we would all love to be! So, when it comes to your weight loss diet and healthy lifestyle, even with the best intentions, you can easily slip when life is busy, or becomes stressful.

Just because you have a bad day, or even week or month, doesn’t mean you have undone all your hard work and you should give up.

Whenever you can, just get back on it!


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*Please note: You are not able to consume alcohol alongside The Slimming Clinic weight loss medication tablets.



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