If you want to feel that little bit more confident In your little black dress this party season, our 6 week online weight loss diet plan is a great place to start!

When trying to lose weight, the basics state that it is important to create a calorie deficit – so, this is where you consume less calories than your body burns, helping you to lose weight.

The Slimming Clinic little black dress weight loss diet plan features a range of suggested nutritious meals to try during the run up to Christmas (or any other occasion or purpose that you’d like to lose weight for).

Once the party season comes around, you’ll feel better and might even fancy indulging in a few treats here and there.

The suggested meals below feature a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat to successfully help you lose weight.

We always recommend consulting your weight loss doctor at The Slimming Clinic to determine a healthy calorie deficit tailored to you and do not encourage large and unsustainable calorie deficits.

On top of this weight loss diet plan, If you’re feeling up to it, exercise (even if it’s a fast walk) is also a great weight loss booster to help you go into the festive season feeling your best!

Breakfast Ideas

  • 1 slice of wholemeal toast topped with 1 scrambled egg and grilled tomatoes and a tea or coffee with skimmed milk.
  • 130g porridge made with semi-skimmed milk and 1 tbsp raisins and 1 small glass of orange juice.
  • 40g bran flakes topped with 1 sliced banana or other fruit, served with milk plus tea or coffee.

Lunch Ideas

  • 70g roasted chicken breast with 75g new potatoes and salad drizzled with 1 tbsp of low fat dressing.
  • 3 Ryvita crackers topped with 1 tbsp houmous served with salad, and a 150g low fat fromage frais for dessert.
  • Rice salad made from 3 tbsp boiled rice, 45g tuna, 1 tbsp each of sweet corn, kidney beans, and peppers and 1 tbsp of fat free French dressing. 1 piece of fruit for dessert.

Dinner Ideas

  • Salmon parcel – place 1 salmon fillet in a square of foil, top with slices of lemon, herbs. Seal foil and cook at gas mark 5 for 15 minutes, serve with 3 boiled potatoes and a plate of salad.
  • Tomato and mozzarella salad made with 2 tomatoes, 50g low fat mozzarella, 1/2 head lettuce and a handful of sprouted seeds. Dress with 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp balsamic vinegar and serve with 2 slices of rye bread or a granary roll. 150 kcal dessert.
  • Chilli and rice made with 50g extra lean mince, 2 tbsp kidney beans, onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes and spices. Serve with 120g cooked-weight boiled rice and a green salad. 1 very low fat fromage frais for dessert.


Remember, if you’re in need of tailored, bespoke weight loss diet plans or weight loss support, then get in contact.

The Slimming Clinic has a team of weight loss experts in mindset, diet and movement and are all here solely to support our patients reaching their weight loss goals.

Whether you have a little, or a lot to lose, we have an online weight loss programme to suit you and we will be able to help you feel (and look) better!

Contact us at The Slimming Clinic today and see how we can make you a weight loss success!


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