Halloween may be an excuse for the kids to eat lots of treats but the following 5 foods have invisible warning signs all over them. Stay clear from these scary snacks this Halloween…

Doughnuts are one of the worst types of snack; one single doughnut can contain over 300 calories and has more trans fats that chocolate, peanut butter chocolate bars and even chips!

Takeaway pizza
Obviously, we all know that pizza is not the healthiest option there is, however if you absolutely MUST have your pizza fix, opt for the lesser of two evils; supermarket pizzas have 2.5 times less salt that takeaway pizzas. Plus they are about 5 times less expensive. Keep one in the freezer so takeaway is not the quickest option.

One can of soda is like a can of water with “10 packets of sugar in it” thus one can can provide you with more than your recommended daily allowance of sugar. Grab some H20 and add a slice of fruit for flavour.

Sugary Cereal
Cereal may have that ‘healthy’ label attached to it but do not be deceived.  The amount of sugar and gluten in cereal can cause serious breakouts and lead you to put on weight. Warning: Read the nutritional information.

Processed meats
Ham, sausages and bacon rank alongside tobacco as a cause of cancer. There has been a causal link between these processed meats and bowel cancer. So instead of that BLT grab the chicken salad option instead.

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